Email issues

We are experiencing some issues with our email services related to this morning. We are working on resolving the matter as soon as possible.

Vi opplever noen problemer med e-posttjenestene våre knyttet til denne morgenen. Vi jobber med å løse saken så raskt som mulig.

Oppdatering/Update 09:30
Problemet er nå løst og mailtjenesten fungerer som normalt.

The problem has now been solved and the mail service is working as normal again.

Routing issues

We are experiencing routing issues for some ips. We are currently working on this.


Update: 2022.09.12 – 17:20: This issue has now been fixed and was due to an error made on our side.



Power maintenance for datacenter

On Wednesday the 17th at 22.00 CEST our upstream power provider will perform maintenance and will shut down power during a maintenance window of 3 hours. This means we will run on generator from 22:00 CEST until 01.00 CEST on the 18th.

All infrastructure on our side is ready and tested and as such we expect no downtime during this period.

Staff will be on site during the entire management period.


Fiber issue


We are experiencing a fiber connectivity problem. This should not affect any connectivity as network is set up to be redundant.
We will update the post as we get further information.

2022.06.14 – 13:15: Start of issue.

Switch reboot

We will be rebooting one of our leaf switches 2022.06.13 right after 22:00.

This will mean that servers in that rack will lose connectivity while reboot is ongoing. We expect about 5 minutes of downtime.

Email spam folder behaviour changes

Starting from June 9 we will start deleting emails older than 30 days in the “Spam” folder for mailboxes.
Moving forward all spam emails older than 30 days will be deleted.

This will not have any affect on any other emails.

Power panel failover maintenance

We will perform failover maintenance for our mains power panel at 21:00 on May 19.
We expect no downtime and no issues. This is a part of the ongoing maintenance of our datacenter.

Update 21:30 – Maintenance was performed as planned and we observed no issues due to this maintenance.

Downtime for services incident report

Our incident report for last weeks event has now been made available at
2022.05.05 – Reason for Outage Report

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

Problemer med utgående epost

Vi opplever for tiden problemer med utgående epost, teknikere jobber med saken og vil oppdatere saken når ny informasjon foreligger.

Oppdatering: 2021.08.30 10:50: Problemet skal nå være løst og skyldes feilaktig listing i SpamHaus PBL. Dette er nå ryddet opp i.

Hvis du har mottatt en tilbakemelding om at eposten har blitt stoppet, så må denne sendes på nytt. Utover dette forventer vi ikke problemer med leveranse ev epost.

Problemer med lastbalanserere

Vi opplever i dag problemer med våre lastbalanserere, dette gjør at diverse tjenester under vår plattform har vært ustabile. Dette gjelder f.eks web, imap, pop3 og webmail

Oppdatering: 09:35 Problemet er nå løst og ting fungerer som normalt.