Acronis issues

We are seeing some availability issues across the Acronis platform. The issue is related to Acronis Storage, it has been reported to Acronis and is being looked into. We will report back when further information is available.

Update 2020.02.25 – This has been confirmed as a race condition bug by acronis, a hotfix is being developed.
Update 2020.02.26 – A hotfix has been developed and we are waiting for proper testing of this so we can have this deployed as soon as possible.
We understand that it is tempting to push through a fix as soon as possible, but we can not do this at the expense of proper validation and data integrity.
We are awaiting a proper timeline from Acronis as to when the validated hotfix will be available.

Update 2020.03.01 – An official Hotfix is expected to be released tomorrow March 2nd in the evening. As soon as its out, we will be performing the upgrade.

Update 2020.03.02 – We have unfortunately received a pushback of the release until tomorrow evening UTC. This post will be updated as soon as we have further information.
Update 2020.03.04 – The hotfix has already been deployed and the system is confirmed OK.

We sincerely apologise for this issue and do understand that it has been frustrating, however it was largely out of our control. We do believe the correct call was made to make sure we have a tested release that would not cause issues later.

Accronis storage cluster issues

We are seeing some issues on our acronis storage cluster.
The issue has been reported to Acronis and we are working on a resolution.
We do not expect any data loss.

Update 2021.02.22 – 15:30 – The issue has been solved, and there was a known bug in the software. A temporary fix has been implemented, pending further upgrades. We will proceed with applying fixes so we can fix this issue for the future as well.

Update 2021.02.24 – The issue has been fully resolved since the 22nd. We have applied patches to resolve the issues found previously.

Hastevedlikehold på vm node

Det er behov for hastevedlikehold på en av våre hypervisore.
Vi forventer lite til ingen nedetid i forbindelse med vedlikehold.

Oppdatering 2021.02.22: Selve vedlikeholdet forventes å skje mellom klokken 12 og 13 i dag.
Oppdatering 2021.02.22: Vedlikehold påstartes klokken 12. Vi forventer 10-20 minutter nedetid i den forbindelse.
Oppdatering 2021.02.22 12:30: Vedlikehold holder fremdeles på, vi forventer ytterligere 10-20 minutter nedetid.