Vedlikehold på webserver


Det er planlagt vedlike hold på webserver på i mellom kl 21:00 og 23:00 2020.12.15. Det er ikke forventet vesentlig nedetid i perioden.
Vedlikehold gjelder oppgradering av server og operativsystem.

Problemer med webtjenester og kontrollpanel

Vi opplever problemer med webtjenester og kontrollpanel på
Teknikere jobber med å løse opp i dette problemet.

Emergency maintenance on VPS hardwarenode

One of our VPS hardware nodes will need a reboot to resolve a software issue. Expected downtime is 10 minutes.
This will be done at 17:20 CEST (15:20 UTC)

Router upgrade

At 23:00 CEST on Sunday september 27 we will start the process of replacing one of our core routers.
This is a necessary upgrade that allows us to further expand our network capacity.

The estimated effort is 2-3 hours. We do not expect significant downtime for any services during this time, however some minor disturbances could be noticed.

Networking issues

2020.07.05 – 21:00 We are experiencing networking issues for some of our networks, we are working to rectify the issue.
2020.07.05 – 23:45 There may still be some instability issues, however most should be resolved by now.
2020.07.06 – 01:20: This issue has been resolved for now, we are still investigating the root cause of the issue.