Quick restart of storage metadataserver for shared hosting

We need to perform a quick restart of metadata service for the shared hosting storage.
This will cause a few seconds of slowdowns and perhaps a few requests will fail.

Downtime expected is less than a minute.

Network issue 2019.09.30

At 06:59 UTC we encountered a short network disconnection on one of our border routers. The disconnection was brief only lasting a few seconds.

After the disconnection there was a few minutes of network convergence while the BGP table reloaded.

The actual downtime for this one router was only a few seconds, however perceived downtime or unstability could be up to 10 minutes.

Core router upgrades

We are upgrading one of our routers on Sep 20 @ 05:00 CEST.
There may be some intermittent connectivity issues as BGP converges.

Update 08:10 – Upgrades are done, we are now waiting for BGP convergence on the last router and things will be back to normal.

Update 09:14 – Since 08:15 the network has been running in a normal state. At this time there should be no further issues related to this upgrade.

Bytte av maskinvare for mail4.servetheworld.net

Grunnet problemer med maskinvare er vi nødt til å foreta en bytte av maskinvare for mail4.servetheworld.net.
Nedetid skal være under 30 minutter.

Oppdatering 10:18: Bytte av maskinvare er fullført.

Problemer med tilgjengelighet for enkelte servere

Vi opplever problemer med tilgjengelighet for enkelte server og jobber med å sjekke dette.
Tekniker er på vei til lokasjon og vi vil oppdatere så raskt som mulig.

Oppdatering 13:20 – Problemet skal være løst , vi gjennomgår en og en server for å sjekke at de svarer OK.