Incoming DDOS

We experienced a incoming DDOS attack on Dec 13 – 22:10 CEST. This affected some VPS services, the duration was about 20 minutes.

We apologise for any invconvenience caused.

Planned maintenance on VPS Hardware Node

One of our hardware nodes will be take down for brief emergency maintenance at 27 november @ 08:00 – 08:30 CET.

Expect about 15-20 minutes downtime during this period.

Problem med enkelte servere

Vi opplever et problem i et våre rack, tekniker undersøker saken.

Oppdatering 00:00 – De fleste servere skal være oppe som normalt.
Gjenstår to servere som vi jobber med.

Oppdatering 01:38 – Alle servere er nå ok. Skulle det være noe ytterlige problemer ta gjerne kontakt med vår kundeservice på

Power maintenance for datacenter

At Monday Oct 21 at 00:00 there will be power maintenance performed at our datacenter.
The maintenance is expected to last 3-4 hours.

There is no downtime expected during this time.

We do apologise for the late notification which was due to the late notification by the building owner.

Update: This has been rescheduled for tomorrow instead.

Update: This has been moved forward to about 23:30 (GMT+2).

Update 03:23: maintenance has finished and passed normally.

Quick restart of storage metadataserver for shared hosting

We need to perform a quick restart of metadata service for the shared hosting storage.
This will cause a few seconds of slowdowns and perhaps a few requests will fail.

Downtime expected is less than a minute.

Network issue 2019.09.30

At 06:59 UTC we encountered a short network disconnection on one of our border routers. The disconnection was brief only lasting a few seconds.

After the disconnection there was a few minutes of network convergence while the BGP table reloaded.

The actual downtime for this one router was only a few seconds, however perceived downtime or unstability could be up to 10 minutes.

Core router upgrades

We are upgrading one of our routers on Sep 20 @ 05:00 CEST.
There may be some intermittent connectivity issues as BGP converges.

Update 08:10 – Upgrades are done, we are now waiting for BGP convergence on the last router and things will be back to normal.

Update 09:14 – Since 08:15 the network has been running in a normal state. At this time there should be no further issues related to this upgrade.

Bytte av maskinvare for

Grunnet problemer med maskinvare er vi nødt til å foreta en bytte av maskinvare for
Nedetid skal være under 30 minutter.

Oppdatering 10:18: Bytte av maskinvare er fullført.

Problemer med tilgjengelighet for enkelte servere

Vi opplever problemer med tilgjengelighet for enkelte server og jobber med å sjekke dette.
Tekniker er på vei til lokasjon og vi vil oppdatere så raskt som mulig.

Oppdatering 13:20 – Problemet skal være løst , vi gjennomgår en og en server for å sjekke at de svarer OK.